The Profiling and Imaging Programme (Theme 3) assesses individual patient’s Tumour Metropolis, generating and refining hypotheses to be tested in tumour models. We also develop and deploy profiling and imaging expertise to stratify the application of biotherapies (in-house and third party agents) and so inform on outcomes. Underpinning Theme 3 are strengths in immune-monitoring and molecular profiling (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics), tissue immunology and immune-surveillance, complemented by innovative optical proteomics, the development of magnetic resonance elastography (MRE), and whole body clinical imaging using PET, PET/MR, MRI. These are aided by effective interdisciplinary technology pipelines, combining chemistry for new probes, physics/engineering for new instrumentation, and mathematics/computing for modelling and image reconstruction. Combining molecular profiling and imaging provides exceptional opportunities to develop multimodal biomarkers for patient stratification, monitoring, and response prediction. Supporting Theme 2 is a growing Experimental Oncology Institute (EOI) housed in the new £160m Cancer Centre building at Guy’s Hospital. 


Imaging Mass Cytometry of colon mucosa with the distinctive organization in glandular crypts of epithelial cells (magenta) intermingled with lymphocytes (yellow), macrophages (blue) and small blood vessels (cyan). Proliferating epithelial cells localise at the bottom of the crypts (white), while muscle cells (red) and connective tissue rich in small (cyan) and big (green) vessels sit underneath the epithelium.

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