Insight into the Tumour Metropolis will directly inform our Immunotherapies Programme (Theme 2). Our expertise embraces cell-therapies, including adjuvant-sensitised autologous tumour cell transplants, and transplantation of immune-modulatory cells, including CAR T-cells and allogeneic cell therapies.

Theme 2 also promotes highly innovative antibody-based interventions, and the combined application of vaccines with new or established small molecules that maximise therapeutic efficacy by modifying the Tumour Metropolis. We are developing new technologies and processes enabling the clinical delivery and utility of biotherapies. To facilitate delivery in Theme 2, we are creating at Guy’s a Cancer Biotherapies Unit (CBU) and expanding vector production capabilities at the Rayne Institute.


Dynamic in vivo imaging of CAR T cells: CAR T cells engineered to express the human sodium iodide symporter robustly eliminate established xenografts in an antigen specific manner (A: BLI quantitation)). Tumour elimination is correlated with accumulation of 99mTcO4- dynamically in the CAR T cells in the flank xenograft (B: SPECT-CT quantification). Representative whole animal SPECT-CT fused image (C, tumour outlined in red).


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