To realise our vision, we focus on key vulnerabilities of tumours engendered by their dependence on the tissue environments in which they develop, progresses, and to which they ultimately spread, i.e. the tumour microenvironment or Tumour Metropolis acknowledging its complexity (Theme 1).

Our goal is to deconstruct and restructure the Tumour Metropolis so that it is no longer conducive to tumour growth. We are pursuing this by exploring multiple research avenues from patient immune profiling through ex vivo tumour models to basic molecular and cell cancer biology. We are leveraging expertise in inflammatory diseases whose pathognomonic, organ-specific features - stromal cell hyperplasia, immune cell infiltration, and the variable development of immunological memory against self – collectively present a facsimile of major features of the organ-specific Tumour Metropolis.


The Metropolis is accessible to state-of-the-art Profiling and Imaging (Theme 3), where we have expertise ranging from genetics and immunophenotyping to optical proteomics (FRET/FLIM platform) and whole-patient imaging.  

Our greater understanding of the Tumour Metropolis is applied as part of our expanding Immunotherapies Programme (Theme 2), where we have built expertise in established modalities, e.g. CAR-T, and in wholly distinctive modalities that do not simply focus on CD8 and CD4 T cells, and in which we are global pace-setters.